When we bring awareness to the connection with a purpose and mission itself, the second step is to train the leadership of your task. The goal for each individual in Enlightenment Leadership Coaching to promote the connection with the other, fulfilling their evolutionary journey on this planet and leaving a legacy for future generations.

Transform your lifestyle...
Harmony and Balance....

  • Assist in identifying and reassessing the mission, purpose, and values.
  • Reassessment and empowerment of the mission |What is your mission in this existence? That is, what did you come to do here in this lifetime or on this evolutionary journey?
  • Reassessment and empowerment of purpose | What is your soul purpose?
  • Identification of unfolding values and virtues.
  • Creation and co-creation of possibilities aligned with the mission and purpose: what projects and activities do you want to structure to co-create with the Universe and connect with yourself and the collective?
  • To develop the clarity for making conscious decisions and use better the relative free-will (choices and consequences) work with your spiritual gifts | How to perform your talents, skills, and gifts in multidimensionality in the material, semi-material and immaterial world.
  • How to make the connection with the inner spirituality to perform and succeed in your projects.
  • How to carry out your projects with your Spiritual Mentors, Angels, Archangels and Spiritual guides, activate the 12 Cosmic Rays to access the higher dimensions.
  • Creative visualisation of the future and connect to the best solutions for your projects with Light body activation, Merkabah and Sacred Geometry.
  • How to access higher spirituality and live in synchronicity with inner peace, fullness, prosperity, and success.

How does it work?

Enlightenment Leadership Coaching sessions operate as follows:

  • The prerequisite is an assignment of Enlightenment Lifestyle Coaching learnings and experiences that you can apply these knowledges on the scope of a project idealised for your personal, professional, or spiritual growth.
  • The sessions are held in groups (5 to 10 attendees) by the zoom.us application (virtual room) in 10 online sessions and a face-to-face Workshop.
  • 2-hour monthly online sessions.