Transform your lifestyle...
Harmony and Balance....

  • The Strength of Character and Divine Virtues. List of the 50 main virtues to work with throughout the training.
  • Oneness concept in the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic view.
  • Universal Laws, and Universal Cosmic Energy
  • From Co-creation to Manifestation: Electromagnetic spectrum, sound spectrum and brainwave spectrum | How do you co-create and manifest balance in your life?
  • Cause and effects | How do you identify the cause of imbalances in your life?
  • Develop inner connections: inner-self, inner-voice, insights, intuition and extra-sensorial skills.
  • Vibrational Frequency and Electromagnetic Field
  • Manifest and materialise in the Wheel of Life: Self-knowledge, Family, Health, Prosperity, Relationship. Career & Work, Friends and Travel; 5 Elements (Air, Fire, Metal, Water, Earth)
  • Create and manifest a high level of vibration in your body system in the 6 Dimension of Well-Being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental).

How does it work?

Master Enlightenment Coaching sessions operate as follows:

  • The prerequisite is an assignment about the self-knowledge journey and spiritual evolution since Enlightenment Lifestyle Coaching and integrated into Leadership Enlightenment Coaching lessons.
  • Sessions are held in groups (5 to 10 attendees) by the application (virtual room) in 10 online sessions and a presential Workshop.
  • 2-hour monthly online sessions.