The coaching sessions will allow you to access dimensions of higher-self with self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-knowledge, and self-healing. Karmic healing is done with conscious choices and developing spiritual gifts with awareness and self-responsibility. You may find that you have a deep purpose and that all the events in your life have orchestrated for you to discover your right path.

Transform your lifestyle...
Harmony and Balance....

  • Ancient civilisations history and human enlightenment development: Atlantean, Lemurian, Mayan, Aztec, Incas, Ancient Egypt, Hebrews, Hindus, Middle Ages, until the present moment.
  • Multidimensionality (The Subtle and Dense Dimensions) – Material, Semi-material and Immaterial World – The chakras, Energy Centres (Dantiens), and the Dimensions – Multidimensional hierarchies (Masters, Archangels and Angels, Mentors, spiritual legions), The 12 Cosmic Rays | How to access higher dimensions.
  • Akashic Records – Past lives memories – Reincarnation Process and karmic energy – choices and consequences – Karmatic Law: Cause and Effect and Responsibility | How to do karma healing.
  • Spiritual gifts: telepathy, teleportation, clairvoyance, clairaudience, premonitory sensitivity, intuition and sensitivity | How to develop spiritual gifts with self-awareness.
  • High-Tec Meditation, Brain-waves (waves activation: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta and Delta), and the Mental Power awakening | How to make the connection with inner-self.
  • Consciousness Levels: emotional and mental- Conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. | How to raise consciousness levels.
  • Emotional imbalances (emotional traumas) – Mental imbalances (limiting beliefs) – systemic connections and ancestry.
  • Levels of Light body (activation and formation) – Merkabah, Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry, The Four Lower Bodies (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual), The Five Higher Bodies (Electromagnetic, Epi-Kinetic, Eka, Gematrian and Zohar), Violet Flame and Transmutation | How to raise your Light body level.
  • Ancestry and systemic connections – Past lives and karmic connections – black pacts and spells – soul contracts – Development of virtues, Enlighten values, self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-healing.

How does it work?

Enlightenment Lifestyle Coaching sessions operate as follows:

  • The prerequisite is a pre-qualification questionary and an initial interview to identify basic knowledge of spirituality and the level of the participant’s self-knowledge journey.
  • The sessions are in groups (5 to 10 attendees) by the application (virtual room) in 10 on-line sessions and a face-to-face Workshop.
  • 2-hour monthly online sessions.